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But I'd damn sure remember losing someone I loved so heartily because we couldn't figure out a way to hear each other. Is there a way for me to find out if someone on my shared account is making and/or receiving Face Time calls and, if so, to/from whom?

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Seeing each other every night— but not being able to touch each other—is its own form of punishment. I interviewed him for a lady magazine, and we talked about how he handles life on the road while he's got his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend, Anne V, waiting at home. Because skipping nights out with friends to make room for regular two-hour downloads (How was In this new reality, we'd reserve text messaging for flirtatious asides that never required a response.

The two of them Skype, he told me, but not obsessively: "Your girlfriend can't be a cell phone or a computer." And there was a bright spot I was missing. Previously harried morning phone calls were replaced with quick video texts that I shot on my i Phone.

Last fall, when my boyfriend accepted a job on the West Coast, I thought managing a newly long-distance relationship would be just that— manageable. Between Face Time and Kayak.com, you can practically be in two places at once.

Besides, I thought, absence doesn't just make the heart grow fonder.

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