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We know that the numbers of solicitors who would willingly get involved are very small, but the harm to the public and potentially the reputation of the profession is significant.

We want to help everyone recognise and avoid these dubious schemes.

To get best value out of the Risk Outlook, solicitors and law firms should think about how the risks apply to their own business.

Our assessment of risk is based on a wide range of input from across the sector.

For example, some people find it hard to compare prices in the legal market, due to a lack of publicly available information.

People are likely to benefit from information about prices and the quality and service they can expect.

This can lead to poor outcomes for individuals, hamper business growth and hinder the proper administration of justice.

The Risk Outlook is a resource for solicitors and law firms who want to understand where we are focusing our attention, what matters to us and why.

For each risk, we explain: why it matters, trends, steps that solicitors and law firms can take and action we are taking too.

We are focusing on high professional standards and freeing up firms and solicitors to work in new ways, helping to make sure we have a modern profession in a modern legal economy.

This Risk Outlook will help you to respond to our changing world and manage the new risks it brings. Paul Philip Chief Executive Where relevant, we also give details on potential changes we see on the horizon.

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