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The Zenbu wireless system was made available in the Cook Islands in 2009.

You can use credit purchased in New Zealand while in the Cook Islands and vice versa, but please note that prices may vary as indicated.

A total of 1,690,337,925.79 megabytes has been transmitted over the Zenbu wireless network! After thorough testing of every aspect of the system, commercial service began in early 2007.

Zenbu Networks Limited, which operates the Zenbu wireless network, is a private company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Now with 1029 Wi-Fi hotspots deployed Zenbu is the most popular wireless internet system for New Zealand's accommodation providers, is widely available in the Cook Islands and is also available in Australia.

She had stayed at a Hotel in Wellington where she had to credit card sign up for Wi Fi she had login difficulties which the Hotel could not help with so she spent 35 minutes on the providers help line with no resolve.To access the internet at a Zenbu wireless zone users need only a Wi-Fi enabled device.Most notebook computers come with Wi-Fi built-in and many cellphones and other mobile devices now also include Wi-Fi.When you're at a Zenbu wireless zone you can easily find businesses, places and services near you...even if you're not too sure where you are yourself! Zenbu wireless is available at motels, hotels, backpackers, cafes, restaurants, bars, apartments, flats and houses around Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands.

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