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Alcohol consumption in the UK has soared under Labour's increasingly liberal approach.It is a stark contrast to Europe, where drinking levels have been falling consistently for 25 years.Mark Wallace, of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said last night: 'It is shocking that England is falling behind other European countries - and even more that we are falling behind a country like Slovenia.We spend a vast amount on healthcare but we don't get the results that we should.Male and female mortality rates from the major causes of death, for example circulatory diseases and cancers, have been decreasing in England and greater declines in female mortality in recent years have narrowed the gap between England and other countries in the European Union.Slovenija je po mednarodnih merilih Green Destinations (Zelene destinacije) prva država, ki je postala zelena destinacija sveta.

This is the most important measure of all: how long people actually live.' Professor Steve Field, president of the Royal College of GPs, pointed out that although England had fallen down the life expectancy league for women, there had been very real improvements - it was just that other countries are improving more quickly.

At the top is France, where women can expect to reach 85.

Experts said the difference can be put down to NHS failures to spot cancer and heart disease early enough - as well as the fact that the British diet is worse than in other countries.

Healthcare in England is so poor that women live longer in the former Communist state of Slovenia.

A shocking report yesterday showed that female life expectancy here is also lower than in almost all Western European countries.

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