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Ms Lorenzo says the integrity questions surrounding the Cambodian not-for-profit's figurehead were not a priority."Somaly will always have a place in my heart.

The reason I didn't crumble, and the organisation didn't crumble, is that it's grown so much past that.

It's not about one woman, it's about many women," she says.

Internationally heralded Cambodian anti-sex trafficking activist Somaly Mam resigned from her Somaly Mam Foundation this week.

To date, Project Futures has raised million towards ending human trafficking and sexual slavery.

While Ms Lorenzo is undecided about what's next, she's hoping to combine her corporate knowledge and not-for-profit heart to continue to help others.

Her gut feeling was that Mam was telling the truth, and she has never asked the activist directly if she lied."If I look back, maybe part of me thought it wasn't necessary; maybe part of me was afraid to hear the answer," she says."But, at the end of the day, I don't care what the answer would have been."Alongside her instincts, her perspective was driven by the shared work of the previous six years.

This was key in the Project Futures board's decision to stand by Mam.

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But with increased budgets, Ms Lorenzo was feeling less confident in her decisions."I started to get nervous for taking a risk," she says.

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