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I stayed with her in Emergency for 4.5 hours and passed through messages that she would be alright and need a stent. Today, I was completely puzzled how I got a black feather in my hair, such a wonderful experience for me now that I have read your insights… It stopped for a period but for the past 4 years it all started back up.thank you Melanie…a specific meaning that sits with my heart. Much love to all xxx Reply Hi therei hope this is the right spot on here to write you if i found feathers. And theres been more of it and new things are happining also.I did wonder at the time, and certainly felt afraid that she may die with me due to her severe symptoms…- reiki hands and prayer upon her and all that I knew…calm voice, call the ambulance and be in the moment…

I have a large window I sometimes gaze thru that looks over acres of berry fields. Not any that would have list those type of feathers.It was surreal since I really believe that feathers show a manifestation of the angelic realm.Just sharing a real event that still seems too magical to compehend.My mind went straight to finding out what it meant and I cried because, in a way, I found that my grandmother is still there trying to talk to me or someone is, at least.I have lately been trying to attach back to my spiritual self because I had lost it for a bit and seeing this grey feather allowed me to gather knowledge that I am on the right path.

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Reply There is a large black feather lying in the yard right now…been there for a week or more…thought it strange it has remained in the same spot with the winds we have experienced…Now I know the meaning and I thank you Melanie…I was told a few years ago I have six angels around me at all times protecting me. Reply I found a tiny fluffy grey and white feather on my bathroom floor and I live on the sixth floor.

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