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The dome first appeared in Islamic architecture in 691 with the construction of the Dome of the Rock, a near replica of the existing Church of the Holy Sepulchre and other Christian domed basilicas situated nearby.

In this respect, fractal geometry has been a key utility, especially for mosques and palaces.Following the Arab conquest and acquaintance with the civilization of Iran and Rome, the mosques were created by the "new Muslims" by the influence of architecture, and most importantly the "architects" of these civilizations, and they were the first seeds of "Islamic architecture" In their lands.Considering the rules such as the reverence of the building of the palace in Islam, the denial of aristocracy and lavishness, the denial of the separation of the leaders of the Islamic society from the people and so on, and comparing it with the common architecture of all the era of the caliphate from the third cleric of Uthman to the Ottoman Empire, it suggests that the building of the palace (due to the respect for its construction) has spread over the course of all periods in the field of Islamic architecture, and if we really want to look at them religiously, such buildings as Qasr al-Humra in Spain, Akhidar palace in Syria and all palaces should not be Considered religious and Islamic architecture, while each of these monuments is a symbol of Heng Islamic architecture is considered to be the Islamic architecture; perhaps this definition, which we do not have as an "Islamic architecture" but which has the "Muslim Architecture", can be considered as an end to this discussion (Sadeq Rashidi Fard - Newspaper EBTEKAR, may 5, 2015) .Recent research on the history of Islamic art and architecture has revised a number of colonialistic ideas.Specifically, the following questions are currently subject to renewed discussions in the light of recent findings and new concepts of cultural history: Compared to earlier research, the assimilation and transformation of pre-existing architectural traditions is investigated under the aspect of mutual intra- and intercultural exchange of ideas, technologies and styles as well as artists, architects, and materials.

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The principal Islamic architectural types are: the Mosque, the Tomb, the Palace and the Fort.

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