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When it comes the inner mucosa of the vagina (the part inside the vulva) just water to wash away any menstrual blood or sweat is fine. There is a phenomenon known as benign HAS (headaches associated with sexual activity).

HAS is a rare condition – less than 3 per cent of all headaches reported – and it generally affects men more than women, although nobody can be certain how common it is, because people may be embarrassed about reporting it.

The mucous discharge all women have is doing the job of keeping it clean and healthy. The vagina will sort itself out."“If you feel a bit headachey after sex, the first line of management would be to ensure that you have drunk enough water, as vigorous sex can cause dehydration.The overall success rate of this operation is about 80 per cent in stopping or lessening periods.”“A bidet, fine. Douching – the practice of sluicing water up your vagina with a pumped device – is associated with a range of health problems.Douching upsets the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina (called vaginal flora), which can cause infections such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis.You might think it would be more likely with the dudes whose initial messages are already a little sketchy, but it’s not uncommon to also receive abusive responses to rejection from the guy whose first message was polite, unassuming and/or charming.Given that, it’s just the smarter option for women who don’t want to field a bunch of hostile and insulting messages not to respond to people to say “thanks but I don’t think we’re the right match.” Now, it’s certainly true that some job applicants also respond to rejection with hostility, but (a) they’re far less numerous than in online dating, (b) the intensity of the hostility seems to be lower, and (c) it’s part of the job in that situation to deal with the occasional whacked out response to rejection.

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As a consultant at London’s integrated women’s wellness clinic and Queen’s Hospital, she’s seen and heard it all and isn’t the least bit shy about sharing her wealth of knowledge.

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