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Recycling shopping bags is an environmental virtue, although this only seems to apply in supermarkets - purchases in other stores are unquestionably handed over in the requisite plastic bag.

You pay, then go and find a quiet corner to pack everything into your own bags - capacity of which must be judged before the packing process begins - pushing the queue to go back and purchase an extra carrier bag is generally bad form.The shopping experience is made somewhat more pleasurable in more upmarket stores such as Reichelt, Meyer, Ullrich and Kaiser´s.The quality is nicer, the floors usually swept, a sense of order and logic pervades the shelving, you can buy yummy wares as well as dull staples.The consumer association, Stiftung Warentest, rates their orange juice and olive oil as 'good'.Some parts of this site are in English too, although not Einkauf 24 - the online shopping service.

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So, people who are truly inspired with their relationship would write tips and secrets on how to stay long and be in that relationship for lifetime.

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