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But is Drake really petty enough to use a relationship for revenge, either against an ex or an instigator? The rapper has always had a taste for vengeance, and isn’t above kicking an opponent when they’re down.The most famous instance was when he eviscerated Meek Mill in the summer of 2015.Last but certainly not least, he buffed up for his famously fit girlfriend.

Drake is famous for many things—his half-Jewish heritage, his turtlenecks, and for being the first major hip-hop star to come up in world of scripted Canadian teen dramas.When Drake was dating Serena Williams, he became an international presence on the sidelines, cheering on his boo on a consistent basis.He indulged in the preppiest of styles, as if love could protect him against the inevitable “Drake with a sweater around his shoulders” memes.For a rapper at the top of his game, Drake is almost tragically distracted by the women he raps about: the strippers who strut in and out of his songs, and the Nickis and Serenas who fuel his fantasies.For all of his bravado, Drake is more of an unrequited lover than a lothario.

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