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- Deathgirl12 has joined Special: Chat Ill buy that story for 0.01 cents!

Here's a better one: "Like trying to get a real value for the square root of a negative".

I've been meaning to watch the Thomas the Tank Engine one; have you seen the Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue? it was too short for what you were trying to get across. Basically, what's with some of these troll pastas. Max, a dire friend of mine, been together since the police academy, who knew he would take it upon his life.. Well, the insaity got to him, like every murderer, crook, theif, con-artist he faced.

- Lelouch Di Britannia has joined Special: Chat i read that as or bacon -!

I immediately became overwhelmed with fear and woke from my dream with my heart pounding." - /x/ Scorch, please refer to Rule 63 A and B -! A symbol used by bossy creeps at websites, to try and make you "fear their power" you're supposed to imagine they have..really they have no power.friends..because they are just assholes.

- Slender666 has joined Special: Chat Following Bundy's execution, in an unusual twist, his remains were cremated at the request of his family and spread over the mountains in Washington State, where the bodies of several of his victims had been discovered. The phenomenon was where a toy train moving about it's tracks slowly began more erratic and unpredictable movements, and the viewer would become increasingly unsettled and begin to freak out. I viewed it and it was a toy train moving erratically. A symbol of violence and imaginary power over others, used by peniley-challenged jerks, at websites, to make themselves feel better about being so inadequate, and unliked by anybody 2.

I was reading a thread that was discussing something known as the Unsettling Train Phenomenon. - Rylee the Pegasis has joined Special: Chat What Urban Dictionary says on ban hammer- 1.

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One case, regarding a 16 year old boy, Damon Moelter, was first heard at the El Cajon courthouse, where Damon accused his father, Eric Moelter of sexually abusing him since he was 6 years old.

That game makes the classic mario look like disneyland.

- Jeffsson has joined Special: Chat I mean, come on, you can't help but laugh at this line: "or, you could just hang them up as house decorations." I mean, that is just ridiculous.

[YOUTUBE] Title: Best song for saying goodbye - "For good" from Wicked by Napat (Reaf) - Duration: - Uploaded: 2013-05-03 - Rating: 4.640919 - Views: 484,406 - TDg3btgql E https://

- Deathgirl12 has joined Special: Chat in level 100 it turns into a kingkarp -!

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