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At this point, my vaginal canal is a funhouse — you really never know just what you might find in there. On the other hand, period sex is one of those ick-factor level 100 things that’s already so awkward to talk about, the idea of never having to have sex again is often more palatable than both of you being able to see the postcoital carnage on his inner thighs left behind as a macabre souvenir. Upon hearing that I loved the Diva Cup so much, a friend suggested I try out the Softcup — a menstrual cup similar to the Diva, save for one important difference: You can have sex with a Softcup inside you. While I wasn’t as single this time — I had just started dating someone casually — our situation was casual enough that I felt weird making him my accomplice in period journalism. on a Tuesday — but Aaron, ever understanding, was game. It showed up a week and a half later than normal, likely as terrified as I was. ”) before giving up and telling him I was on my period. I’ve even become one of those annoying IUD evangelists, because they really are great, aren’t they? Much of this was because of the curse of semi-perpetual singledom: On one hand, casual sex romps with guys I enjoyed sleeping with could often be so sporadic, I knew I should take it where I could get it, a little period blood be damned. Lol.” In retrospect, despite my studiously random capitalizations, these texts would have seemed more plausibly drunken had I not sent them at 3 p.m.There are similar cases in other states challenging sex-offender registries. “I would be surprised if the state doesn’t appeal the decision.” Ruttenberg said that faulty research suggests that sex offenders have a high recidivism rate when only 5 percent of offenders are arrested for new crimes.Ruttenberg said she expects the cases will eventually reach the U. Matsch found that Colorado’s registration act poses a “serious threat of retaliation, violence, ostracism, shaming, and other unfair and irrational treatment from the public” for sex offenders and their families.

Since Jason, a few years have passed and I have grown up considerably.

Matsch cited Englewood’s zoning ordinances that limit how near sex offenders can live to schools, day-care centers and other locations where children congregate, such as public swimming pools.

There is nothing I love more than a bonkers analogy — especially when it involves sex — so I was pretty pleased with my semantic skills a few years back when I once whispered to a friend I had been publicly, drunkenly making out with at a bar: “We can’t hook up tonight, the game is rained out.” “What? It’s purported to be mess-free, allowing the user to have her cake and eat it, too. Once it arrived, I embarked on one giggly trip to the drugstore near my office and emerged victorious with a box of Softcups.

I’ve met many charming men who have been very nice to me.

I had a relationship with one of them for over a year.

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