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Groups like Pussy Riot and the anarchist art group Voina — a guerilla artist group disruptive and controversial street art to make political statements — sought to speak out against the country's restrictions.

For Kargaltsev, being outside of Russia doesn't distance him from its issues.

Kargaltsev shot back at the artist with a photograph of a naked black man sitting on a white man to condemn both the country's racism and xenophobia.

Writing for of self-censorship in not only the art world, but also in the media and other areas. It sought to "limit artists' freedom of expression, and encourage self-censorship," according to Vlasenko.

As a result, many artists were driven to move outside the law.

Try it if you haven't seen it-you will not be sorry -if you have any taste!!

Čisto za razbibrigu, a i da vidimo kakav glazbeni ukus tko ima.

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  1. Desi in mare parte de inspiratie sovietica, dat fiind regimul politic de la acea vreme, unele dintre aceste productii s-au remarcat prin talentul regizoral si actoricesc, prin imaginile pregnante create, prin subiectele abordate si prin modernitatea lor pentru domeniul de film romanesc al acelor timpuri.