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For most pipe applications impact modification is not required.

In certain cases however, incold climates, for pressure or thin-walled pipes, high impact strength is essential.

The generalunderstanding of impact improvement of thermoplastics is that the presence of a second –elastomeric – phase is essential to absorb the mechanical energy of the impact stress.

However, it is also known that certain inorganic particles can have a positive influence on impactstrength, like nanoclays or fine talc in PP or ultrafine-coated precipitate calciumcarbonate in PVC.

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One of the last domains reserved for traditional materials, high pressure applications are opened for plastics by using intelligent reinforcements with highly oriented polymer fibres like Kevlar.

Certainly, a lot of new reinforced thermoplastic pipes (RTP) are in development.

The application of a protecting pipe with a higher value of the Young modulus (E1/E2 A PE80-based composite pipe was fabricated.Its effectiveness will be improved by combining the conventional method with the insertion method, rather than executing the insertion method at all renovation work sites.Modern plastic materials and multilayer pipe structures make it possible to design and adapt pipes to the most challenging requirements.In polyolefins, talc is recognized as one of the most efficient filler to bring efficient mechanical reinforcement, superior dimensional stability and part isotropy and temperature resistance.The Ring Stiffness data confirmed the high reinforcement obtained on samples: Improved rigidity : 15 to 20% versus very fine talc marketed, Enhanced dimensional stability (reduction of CLTE by 10 to 15%), Improved temperature resistance as measured by HDT, Similar impact performance High performance organic pigments can be used to satisfy the requirements of ASTM D2513.

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