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Using a sophisticated mechanism, we succeeded in reducing JPL's 200 MB storage to only 18 MB.

The agreement with DE406 is within 1 milli-arcsecond (0.001).

The commercial license includes a CDROM with complete source code, pre-built DLLs and libraries, the standard set of ephemeris files and a four hours of support.

The core part of Swiss Ephemeris is a compression of the JPL-Ephemeris DE406.

With planets, light-time correction may be of the order of 20 in position, with the moon 0.5.To get a position better than an arc second, you will have to spend 1.3 MB for the lunar ephemeris file 'semo_18.se1' of Swiss Ephemeris. Since many years this institute which is in charge of the planetary missions of NASA has been the source of the highest precision planetary ephemerides.The currently newest version of JPL ephemeris is the DE405/DE406.package consists of a DLL, a collection of ephemeris files and a few sample programs which demonstrate the use of the DLL and the Swiss Ephemeris graphical label.The ephemeris files contain compressed astronomical ephemerides (in equatorial rectangular coordinates referred to the mean equinox 2000 and the solar system barycenter).

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Since the inherent uncertainty of the JPL ephemeris for most of its time range is much greater, Swiss Ephemeris should be completely satisfying even for computations demanding very high accuracy.

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