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King Harald" united the outlying tribes of Denmark and defended his people from the incursions of Norway and Germany - while overseeing the completion of vast construction projects that strengthened the defence of his nation and kingdom.King Harald" is equally known for casting off the Norse Pagan traditions of his forbearers - becoming a devout Christian - who strove to peacefully convert the people of Denmark during his rule into Christianity.The Protestant Reformation was introduced in Denmark by the Danish Monarch King Christian III (1503- 1559 - King of Denmark and Norway 1534-1559) in 1536 - and fortunately for the Danes - the Evangelical Lutheran Church became the National State Church of Denmark - and since continued to form and confirm the Danes cultural background - historical heritage - and native legacy.

(Dannebrog) National Anthem: Der er et yndigt land. He was succeeded by his son - King and historical legend Harald "Bluetooth" (911 - 987 - King of Denmark and Norway 958 - 985) - who erected his big runic stone in year 964 A. - over his parent’s burial plot at Jelling in Jutland.

(Public and festive events) National Anthem: Kong Christian stod ved højen mast. This large over ten tons heavy stone has an inscription that praises himself as King Harald .

(Royal and official occasions) Population: 5,6 million. On the same 2.5 metre high runic stone is also carved the oldest illustration of Christ - ever discovered or known in the Nordic countries.

- who was the mastermind of expanding the great earthwork fortification “Danevirke” - built by Viking King Gudfred around 800 A.

C.- which was a defence system to protect the Danes from southern German invasion - and later became a powerful national symbol for Denmark during 1800s and 1900s - uniting the Danish people and strengthening their Danish Cultural Heritage.

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