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Still, even Ne XT ended up being an important stepping stone for Jobs.In 1997, a struggling Apple bought Ne XT and incorporated some of the company’s technology into Apple products.That’s especially true when you consider the case of Jobs. He was dumped by Apple, his baby, the company he had co-founded in his garage with pal Steve Wozniak.The firing came after a power struggle in which the board of directors sided with John Sculley, a former Pepsi executive who had been brought in to run the company.Steve Jobs' charismatic style allowed him to quickly move past his, and Apple's miscues. and transforming the entire consumer computer and phone industry.In July of 2010 at the company's headquarters he moved to defuse the "antennagate" scandal where some i Phone users got spotty or no service. But he’ll also be remembered fondly as the poster child for how making mistakes — and even failing — can sometimes end up being the best thing that ever happens to you.His death came after he was forced to step down from his position as chief executive of Apple because of the ongoing health problems. By the time he turned the reins of the company over to his second in command, Tim Cook, Jobs had become one of the business world’s greatest comeback kids.

Fired executive Career coaches and leadership gurus will often say that getting fired can be the best thing that ever happened to you, but that can be hard to believe if you’re the one being shown the door.

College dropout Like Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, Jobs never graduated from college.

In fact, he only made it through about six months at Reed College, a highly selective liberal arts school in Oregon, before dropping out because he thought it was too expensive for his middle-class parents.

It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life,” Jobs said in the Stanford commencement speech.

Instead of running away, during his time away from Apple Jobs bought the animation studio Pixar and started the computer company Ne XT.

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I knew I had the most dreadful dreams, though I couldn't remember exactly what took place. I point my key toward my car like its a compass--or better yet, a knife. The wind picks up and a sea of leaves sweep past my feet. Something stops me, however, from calling their names.

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