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Having heard awful things about the drive south from NYC to DC on I-95, I am thinking of driving via the Eastern Shore of MD and the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel, which would put us in the area of Norfolk, Va, or perhaps Elizabeth City, NC on the first night. Does anyone have any ideas for a hotel (non-chain is best) for the first night in the general area of Norfolk/EC?Any great local places to eat on the Eastern Shore, or in the Norfolk or EC area?They have a wonderful collection of pueblo pottery including several Maria Martinez works.We were at a wedding in Norfolk in July and it took us about 8 hours driving from there to Charleston, so getting to Florence should take about 6 or so, more of course when you add your BBQ stops.Second night: Had planned on driving as far as Bluffton, SC, but I see that the drive from Norfolk to Bluffton is almost 8 hours or so---with food stops, this might be too much car time.SO: Looking at Florence, SC, and would like comments on that city, or other likely stops on the second night.(local seafood sounds best; do not want a "fancy" setting).See linked thread, above, for where we ate along our drives last year.. Leave NYC, drive via EAstern Shore to Norfolk, Va or Elizabeth City, NC. Meander south, sampling NC bbq, to Florence, SC Day 3.. Thanks for reading this rambling post...please offer your comments on hotels and food en route. When I first started reading I got excited because I thought you would come through Greensboro. I like Bluffton and I have friends who have stayed at that Inn-very nice. It's a lovely town (go watch "Big Chill") with some nice restaurants, some funkier ,like Shrimp Shack and Gullah Grub.

Can't help you with where to stay in E City-haven't been here in years. That Norfolk/Chesapeak area can be trafficy too, so you might want to stop before you get to NC. Sounds like you won't have time to get far off that nasty 95.

Hoping someone will come up with an interesting place to stay around Norfolk/E. Wilber's is THE BBQ place of NC==been there since the 20's when it was in competition with the other BBQ spot in Goldsboro, Scott's, which is black owned, but everyone ate there long before desegregation. Wilbur's gets lots of love on Chowhound and it's not far off the road. There’s a spectacular new library, new little theatre, new performing arts center and currently under construction a new art and history museum—all huge, beautiful buildings constructed in such a way as to create a downtown cultural corridor.

I believe Scott's is still there also--they sell their BBQ sauce commercially (vinegar and pepper!! Florence is not particularly memorable but you should buy some pecans while you are in this area--chocolate covered, and all. There is a big store just off I95 at the Route 52/Darlington exit next to the Pilot gas plaza. If you haven’t been there in the last 5 years it is worth a second look.

Summerton Diner in Summerton has good southern stuff.

And Mc Cabes bbq in MAnning is great but make sure they are open when you paln to go, if you do.

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