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This guilt can come from having fun whilst the deceased partner cannot, it can feel like you are betraying a loved one's memory, for being unfaithful to promises made to one another in life.

It is absolutely and completely natural to feel these things.

It is so hard to explain what I am living right now, but it is a life that just happened unexpectedly and some days I forget this is me. There will always be a bit of sadness with every moment of joy.

There will always be survivors guilt with every memory I make, but deep down I know that this is exactly how the Universe planned it, and I have been very consistent with only doing what my gut tells me to do, and right now; this is my life, and I love it.

I honored the love I had with Nick the best way I could, and it was beautiful in a way, but that day will have a lasting impact on me, and the thought of ever having to do something like that again terrifies me.

I didn’t really put a lot of thought into that fear before because I was quite convinced I was never going to love someone again.

The other day my Facebook memory was the blog I wrote one year ago, “Go Rest High On That Mountain.” I wrote this blog the day after we got home from taking Nick’s ashes back to Golden. I carried the love of my life up a mountain in a back pack.

The parents who want there daughter to move forward but also want to keep her close. I remember when I told them we were going to get married and I remember when I told them he died. Some may say you can’t dwell on that, but the truth is I am so incredibly grateful to know what I know because I have no choice but to embrace the “now” and be “mindful” of the unknown and the possibility that it may just not turn out how I plan. The other day Scott showed me a wedding invite he got in the mail.The thought of dating again may seem like a hurdle which is too large to overcome.Understand that you are not alone and everyone deals with loss in their own way and in their own time.One approach that can help lighten this emotional load is to imagine what your partner would wish for you.If you shared a healthy relationship, the answer is clear they would want to live a full and happy life as you can, they would not want their death to stop you from living.

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In fact, I have been reflecting a lot on that day for the past few days because it truly amazes me how far I have come.

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