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It begins with a handshake and a world-weary smile, and not long after she's reminiscing about the warm welcome that greeted her on the different already.'" PHOTOS: ' X-Men: Days of Future Past' Star Ellen Page-- Exclusive Portraits of the Actress Over the course of a wide-ranging two-hour conversation, Page gets fired up (about "binary gender systems," as well as discussion of her producing her first film), starry-eyed (at the thought of one day getting married and raising kids) and flat-out silly (about her addiction to renaming people's pets on Twitter).She also proves disarmingly open about her years-long battle with depression. "And obviously that's a very personal thing to say, but I say it to encourage whatever other people are feeling. No more." In 2014, as roadblocks to same-sex marriage topple throughout the country and such gay-friendly shows as proliferate, the prospect of another celebrity coming-out story might not seem all that remarkable.A glow-up can consist of a lot of things, from a more typical physical glow-up to a personal growing process.While we all go through both versions at some point in our lives, what with going through puberty and just plain growing up, most of our glow-ups don't immediately go viral and inspire others to share their own coming-out "glow-ups."On Sunday, Twitter user Caitlin Crowley tweeted her own version of a glow-up, posting two side-by-side photos of herself at a homecoming dance during her freshman year of high school with a boy, compared with a photo from a senior year homecoming dance, where she is kissing her girlfriend of one year.

She was born in 1987 in Halifax, Nova Scotia -- a picturesque Maritime province where the license plates read "Canada's Ocean Playground" -- and says she was "a total tomboy" from the time she could talk.

Griffin listened patiently as Page spoke of wanting to keep the focus off herself and instead on "something that means something to me, because I'm boring." He mentioned Time to Thrive, an upcoming social-welfare seminar for LGBT youth, and it became obvious that this would be the perfect platform for Page's announcement.

"And then he was like, ' But it's five months away,'" says Page.

I love being an actor, it's a huge part of my life, so I'm going to keep that private.' And, ' Oh, I have to keep it private because my job is about creating an illusion' and kind of all those bullshit excuses," she says.

"Because I don't see heterosexual actresses going to great lengths to hide their heterosexuality." Although no single incident led to her decision, she does reference a Dan Savage appearance in July 2013 on the Canadian talk show as having had a profound effect on her.

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Page proved a natural at the audition, and she was cast as an orphan in was spun off into a weekly series.

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