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But in fact, his movies are often quite funny, sweet and bracingly humane.Only a few months ago, we rented the miniseries version of Scenes from a Marriage and even recommended it to our mainstream-minded mother as a Must See. In the aforementioned clip we get to see a bit with Cate Blanchett and David Cross as Allen Ginsburg. Sienna Miller says the darndest things to reporters like "Car Talk, a popular car advice talk radio program hosted by mechanics Click and Clack, is being made into an animated television show, the Public Broadcasting Service said on Wednesday.Also, part of the fun of any movie, though particularly Moore's work, is being part of an enthusiastic audience.

After muscling through Persona while working on our undergrad film studies minor, we always thought his work would be too "art cinema" for our taste.Eine Liste mit klassischen Coming-of-Age-Filmen und Filmen, die das Genre zumindest mit beinhalten – alphabetisch geordnet, mit Kurzbewertungen, Links zur IMDb und zu Trailer-Clips. 6 Israeli spymasters (heads of the Shin Bet) tell "all" in this bleak, controversial, horrifying docu. As we learned from the docu Bergman's Island, Ingmar had a pretty tumultuous personal life, but what a film artist. They think their shtick is heee-larious and thus, it is. (CC wrote a cultural studies paper about the show and its branding of the New York City experience, so shut up about it.) In other words, we should be able to muster more excitement about the news.Maybe it's because we can't imagine any sort of interesting plot line for the "girls" to explore.

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