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The leaders of the Independent Fundamental Baptist denomination got their teachings from other IFB organizations who have gotten their teachings from other IFB organizations and so on.

The teachings and traditions have been taught and passed down for so long that they are considered equal with the Word of God and are no longer questioned.

My family went to church every time the doors were open.

We were there for Sunday school, Sunday morning service, Sunday evening service, Wednesday evening prayer meeting/youth group, and Thursday evening evangelism.

Sometimes at my most worriesome moments I would read here and feel a little better knowing I wasn't alone.

Anyway - I'm 40 years old and after about 7 years of pain which always seemed to be localized in my knee - and every time I went to the dr they shooshed me off saying nothing was wrong with my knee - I finally found a good orthopedic who said "maybe it's not your knee - maybe it's your hip".

They are now teaching the Independent Fundamental Baptist Denomination traditions.They are being deceived and then turning around and deceiving others. If you have questions please use the Contact link in the menu above. I've been lurking for a while (sorry) but I must say thank you for all of the reads.Had an anterior approach surgery 7 weeks ago today.Frustrated though as I was told that after 6 weeks I should be doing good. Every single time I get up, those first handful of steps are excruciating!! I still take prescription meds at night and sleep with a gazillion pillows and my ice packs.

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